The great location of the Milan Hotel di Porta Romana makes this modest city centre 3 Star an ideal option for both business travellers and shoppers, as well as travellers interested in the great history and culture of Italy’s commercial and industrial capital.

This European metropolis in the north of the Italian peninsular has for many years been synonymous with words like fashion, style and panache.

The home of the world’s best known fashion designers, this region of northern Italy also offers its own fine variations of great Italian cuisine and wine, as well as a modern European culture that makes this city distinct from the rest of Italy.

Milan is also the cradle of Christianity in the western world, with a history interlinked with that of Rome and dating back nearly 3,000 years.

The distinctive Duomo di Milano – Milan’s symbolic cathedral and most shining jewel of history and architecture, lies within walking distance of the Hotel di Porta Romana Milan.


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